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How Much is Royal Caribbean Drink Package?

Introduction to Royal Caribbean Drink Packages

Royal Caribbean offers a variety of beverage packages tailored for diverse tastes and budgets. Comprehending these options and their pricing proves essential for cruisers hoping to hydrate and unwind during sailing without fretting fees.

Benefits of Purchasing a Drink Package

Investing in a Royal Caribbean drink package may yield substantial savings compared to paying à la carte throughout the voyage. Moreover, it provides tranquility and relaxation, allowing guests to indulge without concern for the final tab.

Understanding Royal Caribbean’s Drink Packages

Basic Package

The basic bundle commonly comprises select non-alcoholic refreshments like aqua, soft drinks and juices. It represents an ideal alternative for passengers preferring to abstain from spirits. Alternatively, those hoping to sample spirited selections may opt for a package permitting beer and wine or encompassing all consumptions. Upgrading permits luxury without limit within legal constraints and cruise community standards of conduct.

Royal Caribbean's

Classic Package

The Classic package expands the moderately-priced offerings to incorporate a diversity of beers, wines, and cocktails below a fixed budget. This alternative suits many visitors searching for a satisfactory assortment of intoxicating refreshments.

Premium Package

The Premium package encompasses a broader spectrum of top-quality spirits, vino, and unique cocktails, delivering a more extensive and luxurious selection for those seeking an unparalleled experience. Some guests opt for this package to sample a wider array of fine libations throughout their luxurious getaway.

Factors Influencing Drink Package Prices

Various aspects impact the pricing of Royal Caribbean drink plans. The duration of the journey, the destinations on the itinerary, peak travel seasons, and annual price variations can substantially affect the package costs. Savvy passengers take these factors into account when determining their best option.

Duration of Cruise

Longer cruises generally entail higher drink package prices due to the extended period of access to beverages.

Ship Destination

The destination of the cruise can influence the package cost, especially if the route includes destinations with higher alcohol taxes or import fees.

Seasonal Variations

Peak seasons, such as holidays or summer months, might witness slightly higher package prices due to increased demand.

How to Purchase a Drink Package

How to Purchase a Drink Package

Passengers conveniently purchase drink packages in advance of the cruise through Royal Caribbean’s website or during the voyage utilizing the onboard mobile app or at designated locations spread throughout the vast vessel. With simple online registration or by speaking with a friendly staff member, prepurchasing a plan removes worries of exceeding one’s budget while relaxing with refreshments.

Tips for Maximizing the Drink Package

  • Plan Your Consumption: Be mindful of your beverage choices to make the most of the package.
  • Understand the Inclusions: Familiarize yourself with what each package offers to optimize your selection.
  • Respect the Limits: Packages often have restrictions on the number of drinks per day. Adhering to these limits can help avoid additional expenses.

how much is the drink package on royal Caribbean

The cost of a drink package on Royal Caribbean varies based on several factors. They offer different tiers of packages catering to diverse preferences, each with its own price range.

  • Basic Package: This usually covers non-alcoholic beverages like water, sodas, and juices. Prices for this package can range from $10 to $30 per day, per person, depending on the cruise.
  • Classic Package: This tier includes a wider selection, encompassing beers, wines, and some cocktails within a specified price range. Prices for the Classic package typically range from $45 to $65 per day, per person.
  • Premium Package: Offering an extensive array of premium spirits, wines, and specialty cocktails, this package is priced higher due to its more luxurious offerings. Prices for the Premium package range from $65 to $90 per day, per person, depending on the cruise duration and destination.

The actual cost can also be influenced by the duration of the cruise, the specific ship, the destinations visited, and any ongoing promotions or discounts offered by Royal Caribbean.

It’s important to note that these prices are subject to change and might vary based on the season, demand, and specific cruise details. Additionally, gratuities and taxes may not always be included in the listed package prices.

To get the most accurate and updated pricing information for drink packages on Royal Caribbean cruises, it’s advisable to check the cruise line’s website or contact their customer service directly.


  1. Are there any limitations on the number of drinks I can have per day with the drink package?
    • Yes, Royal Caribbean often imposes a daily limit on the number of beverages included in the drink package. This limit varies based on the package tier purchased.
  2. Can I purchase a drink package once onboard the ship?
    • Yes, it’s possible to buy a drink package once you’re onboard. However, it’s advisable to purchase beforehand to benefit from potential pre-cruise discounts and streamline the check-in process.
  3. Do drink package prices include additional charges like gratuities or taxes?
    • No, the listed drink package prices usually do not include gratuities or taxes. These additional charges may apply separately.
  4. Can I use my drink package at all onboard bars and restaurants?
    • Most bars and restaurants onboard accept the drink package. However, certain exclusive venues or specialty drinks might not be covered, so it’s recommended to inquire before ordering.
  5. Are drink packages available for purchase for individual days instead of the entire cruise duration?
    • Royal Caribbean typically sells drink packages for the entire duration of the cruise and doesn’t offer daily packages.


While diligently investigating the multifaceted pricing architecture and intricate specifics of Royal Caribbean’s refreshment packages is critical for passengers aiming to elevate their cruise enjoyment without overpaying, simply assessing one’s personalized preferences alongside contemplating variables such as package tiers, excursion length, and itinerary can empower guests to formulate informed choices when selecting a beverage package. These packages offer practicality, savings, and an opportunity to indulge without concern over accumulating individual drink costs. Exploring the diverse options permits guests to find a package perfectly matching their tastes, ensuring a memorable and hassle-free cruise experience untouched by monetary matters or the exhaustion of repeatedly calculating drink costs.

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